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Branding Options

We know how important your logo is to the strength of your brand. We offer a selection of branding possibilities to ensure that your products stand out beautifully.

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Rubber stamp graphics

Our rubber stamp option is very popular for higher volume unit orders. We make a high quality rubber stamp using your logo file and our team applies the graphics to each product using a permanent black ink. This is our most cost effective branding option. This process is slightly more rustic in nature as not every piece of wood is perfectly flat. We use this process on all of our Cumberland Crate Co home decor products.

Screen printed graphics

Screen printing provides a crisp and sharp image and allows us to include colours. This is a great option if the presentation of your desired graphics relies on colour for full effect or if you require a pristine, consistent appearance.

Laser engraved graphics

Laser engraving is a process where graphics are burned into the wood. The graphics are then inset in the wood and are articulated by a black, burnt colour. The overall effect can be quite stunning but not always perfectly consistent as each section of the wood piece may react and burn slightly different. This is a great option for one-off custom designs and special event type boxes such as wedding gifts and promotional props.

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