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Real Estate Closing Gifts!

Family Viewing House

Stand Out From The Crowd

Real estate is a fast moving, fluid business. Clients endure a lot of stress throughout the buying and selling process. When an agent develops a quality relationship, delivers a value-added transactional experience and ultimately closes a deal, they have done their job. When they follow up with a handmade, custom branded gift box with a few select, personal items they have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND. The contents will be appreciated and consumed, but the box (along with your branding) will become a fixture in the decor of their house.

Gift Boxes

Choose from a selection of popular gift boxes or let us help you design a custom box. Volume discounts are offered on orders over 20 units.

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Custom Graphics

We know how important brand recognition is to your real estate business. Let us create a quality rubber stamp to mark all of your gift boxes with your own brand. Once we have the stamp in-house there is no additional charge for branding future orders. It's as easy as you dropping us a line with as new order, and we customize it for you.


Meaningful Gift Giving

Our crates are hand made on Vancouver Island, BC. We use sustainably harvested soft wood from the interior of BC and add value by creating long lasting, high quality items. Our crates will last long after the ink dries from your next transaction. The contents will be consumed, but the crate, along with your beautiful logo will last forever.

Receiving the Keys
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