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Product Display Solutions

We specialize in POP (point of purchase) and POS (point of sale) display solutions. You'll see our boxes featured in every LUSH Handmade Cosmetic store across North America! We've built custom display solutions for hundreds of retail stores across Canada, including Banff Gondola, Copashie and Saje Natural Wellness.

Freestanding Retail Display Stands

These stands are perfect for displaying and organizing smaller items. We can customize the size to fit your needs. The banner on the top can feature your business or particular product. The banner slides into 1/4" slots on top of unit and can be replaced with any promotional material (poster board, sintra plastic etc). These units are perfect for impulse items near your check-out area or as ends to shelving units.

your logo here stand pic.jpeg

Dynamic Crate Displays

If you prefer a rustic look, our team can help create the perfect crate(s) to create dynamic displays. This idea works well for dynamic window displays, shelving units and roll-out sidewalk displays (we can build on caster wheels). Not only do you have endless possibilities for each individual crate, but also countless dynamic display ideas by grouping the crates.

Custom Crate display.jpg

Custom Produce Display Ideas

We've worked with many small and large businesses to help create the perfect display and point-of-purchase solutions. Each business has very specific display needs. Our team will work with you and design a solution to fit your stylistic and functional needs.

farm style display table full front view

Our Design Process

Our design process starts and ends with your specific needs. We can work with specific dimensions, rudimentary sketches or photos. Once we have an idea of what you're looking for, our team can draw a digital rendering that we can then use as a reference point to build from. Once you're happy with the design, our custom shop jumps into action to build high quality custom items that set your business apart from the competition.

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