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Growler Crate

Growler Crate

Built to hold 2 glass growlers, this little box is popular with craft beer enthusiasts. Also works well as a art supply holder, kitchen condiment storage and backyard BBQ helper. 


Suggested uses:


- growler carrier

- tool box

- gift box

- desktop organiser

- gardening tool carrier


  • Natural Wood Colour

    Raw, natural wood. No wood sealer or stain.

  • Antique Stain

    The stain is made with white vinegar, dissolved steel wool and coffee. This is not a wood sealer, and is a non toxic, purely cosmetic treatment. 

  • Vintage White Treatment

    To achieve this rustic look we first apply a coat of "Soot grey" paint followed by a thin and uneven coat of white paint. This look is intended to be inconsistent and rustic in nature. Brush strokes are visible, as are patches of grey paint through the thin coat of white. 

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