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Tool Kit Style boxes

Tool Kit Style boxes

Our Tool Kit style box is a popular gift crate. Built to hold 6 bomber beers or 6 wine bottles. It also works well as a gift crate, an actual tool kit for small items, and a marketing tool. Custom branding available. 


Suggested uses:


- gift box

- 6 bomber beers

- 6 wine bottles

- gardening tools

- shop misc tools

- sewing tools


  • Colour Descriptions

    Natural: Untreated natural wood. Light in colour. Will yellow over time. 

    Antique Stain: Our all natural darkening solution made with white vinegar, rusted steel wool and coffee. The crates are dipped and rubbed with this mixture causing the tannins in the wood to oxidize. Because no two pieces of wood are the same, and each have slightly different chemical properties, the end result has an aged, inconsistent look. Parts of the crate may be lighter/darker than other parts. 


  • Outside dimensions in inches

    10.25L x 7.25w x 13.25

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