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Home and Office Decor

Organize with Style

Our high quality wooden crates are made using top quality softwoods from BC, Canada. Each crate is hand-made by great people making living wages. Care is taken with every step during construction, starting with hand picking beautiful wood, hand routing handles, securing joints with consistent staple patterns and reinforcing with wood glue.

The crates are offered in three colour choices:

Natural: Beautiful natural Lodgepole Pine and Engelmann Spruce in its natural, kiln dried state. Light in colour. Will yellow over time. 

Antique Stain: Our all natural darkening solution made with white vinegar, rusted steel wool and coffee. The crates are dipped and rubbed with this mixture causing the tannins in the wood to oxidize. Because no two pieces of wood are the same, and each have slightly different chemical properties, the end result has an aged, inconsistent look. Parts of the crate may be lighter/darker than other parts. 

Vintage White: This process involves a coat of soot/grey water based paint, followed by a coat of white paint. The end result is intended to be rustic and vintage in nature. Brush strokes are visible, as is the grey colour beneath the white top coat. Due to the amount of labour needed this is out most expensive colour option. 

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